Welcome to JDi Health & Wellness JDiHealth.com - PersonalHealthResources.com “Providing information and resource links to individuals for health improvement” Provided by JDi Solutions, Inc. Over 22 years in Service… An Independent equipment supplier 1. The Basic info Video ( 8 Min) 2. Micro Vascular circulation? (2 Min) - The key to helping the body heal itself improved circulation is the key here 3. An MD’s Micro Vascular Images 2 min. (Before and after 8 min Bemer session) 4. 13 testimonials from users ------------------------------------------------------- The Deeper Details: (Longer, more detail) 5. Circulation in detail (38min) 6. Web Link: Micro Circulation 7. Web Link: PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields) 8. Speciality: MD talks about Your eyes & ears (46min) Equipment Website Purchase info Courtesy of: Chris Amber Petersen, Pres. JDi Solutions, Inc.